Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Teachers Who Spout Hate

In a world where celebrity is more prized then intelligence or accomplishments, just watch reality TV, it is no surprise that a college professor decided to grab for his bit of fame by calling the Sept. 11 attack victims "little Eichmanns."

Eichmanns, as in Nazis who basically deserved to die as they sat at their desks. Ward Churchill, was chairman of the ethnic studies department at the University of Colorado until until Jan. 31 when he resigned his chairmanship said this the day after the attacks took place. He has since been on the speaking circuit collecting a fee to spout his foolish views.

This all came to an end due to a speaking engagement he was to have at Hamiliton College this week in northern New York State. A storm of protest, followed by several death threats, forced the school to cancel the program. While the death threats are totally unacceptable and those who made them should be caught and prosecuted, I am glad Churchill was stopped in his tracks.

Churchill knew he would remain a small time proffessor in a small department at a lackluster school. The only way for him to make the big time was to do something truly outlandish. Could he not have gone on Fear Factor and eaten horse manure or become Donald Trump's intern?

I think the University of Colorado should make a slight change in the courses Churchill teaches. (He retained his job). That is drop the N from ethnics and have him teach ethics, maybe he will learn something.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Greg said...

If this guy were a klansmen, he wouldn't have tenure. He'd be a pariah.


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