Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Beating A Dead Horse

I have to revisit our University of Colorado professor today if only because his colleagues have come out in support his stance that in the name of free speech its OK to compare the Sept. 11 terror victims to Nazis.

The Boulder Faculty Assembly called Ward Churchill's comments "controversial, offensive, and odious," but also expressed support for his right to express them.

I find this statement truly hypocritical. If a professor were to express his or her support for the KKK, they would be fired and professionally lynched. How about coming out in favor of sexual harrassment or pedophilia?

In this hyper-politically correct environment that we now live in, which was partially created by post-modernistic university faculties, no negative commentary about any group is acceptable. However, this rule is ignored when it comes to bashing the very country that allows such thoughts to be expressed. Even at the expense of murder victims.

I hope there are enough clear-headed individuals in charge of the University of Colorado who can see that Churchill's comments have more to do with being just an inflammatory glory grab, then any attempt to utilize his First Amendment rights.


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