Monday, February 14, 2005

Blasts From The Past, And Other Places Part 10

Why Kerry Lost

John Kerry will join the ranks of the more or less unemployed, he is still a Senator, in January because he could not convince voters that he was an average American, just like them.
Instead he came across as a sanctimonious rich guy, with an even richer wife with even richer backers. It was the George Soros’ and NY, LA elitists who blew it for Kerry. These individuals and the groups they supported spoke to the average American as if they were a Neanderthal idiot incapable of understanding the great issues confronting the nation. How demeaning.

Bill Clinton understood this. He could play the poor downtrodden guy who came from nothing to take a run at the top spot in the country.

John Kerry learned that a person struggling in Ohio does not want to hear only negative news like the economy is going down hill and the world hates us because of our actions overseas. These folks wanted to hear how their lives can get better and that is what George Bush told them.

The voters in Ohio and Florida are so far separated from what the Democratic party now believes that I find it unlikely it will win an election with totally revamping its basic values. The Democrats lost because they have abandoned religion. Americans are religious. They don’t care that their faith gathers snickers from the French and Germans. This faith demands certain actions on their part. They will not favor gay marriage or abortion and a good guess is a large number of people stood in the voting booth and decided that they just could not support a man who would kill an unborn baby.

Kerry’s refusal to believe that the world was a different place post Sept. 11 was another nail in his coffin. Americans realized that while Iraq might be a mess, it is a mess that can be cleaned up. Kerry’s continuously mentioned pulling out of Iraq as soon as possible regardless of the consequences. This was Vietnam era thinking. Cut our losses and run and who cares about the long-term results.

Americans don’t like a loser, we want to win, and this is what George Bush is to the majority of Americans, a winner and one of them.


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