Monday, February 14, 2005

Blasts From The Past, And Other Places Part 4

Damned If You Do…..

In another case of Bush bashing, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry howled over the announced plan to redistribute troops to better fight the war on terror, and amazingly enough one of Kerry’s reasons against the move is that it would hurt our sunny-day allies.

“Kerry said the redeployment would undermine relations with U.S. allies needed to help fight in Iraq and in the war on terror,” Kerry said, according to CNN.

The ally he is speaking of is Germany, and to a lesser extent Belgium. These two countries would be most affected by the troop shift. They also happen to be countries that are backing Kerry and praying he ousts the president in November. Kerry blatant lobbying for the European leaders like German leader Gerhardt Schroeder who hate everything about America is disgusting. Having 70,000 thousand troops in Germany no longer helps our security, it just helps the local German economy.

Kerry argument on the removal of U.S. forces from South Korea does have some validity, but as I stated yesterday South Korea can handle its own defenses and U.S. forces are in the region to lend a hand in case the North gets frisky.

The joke of the matter is if the president had left the troops where they were, Kerry would most likely have come out and said, “Why are trained soldiers sitting in South Korea when they are needed elsewhere in the world. The Soviet threat is gone. We need those soldiers in Afghanistan.”

This is shaping up to be the ugliest presidential election ever, which is saying quite a bit.


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