Friday, June 17, 2005

Congress Looks To Undermine The War

The call this week by a semi-bipartisan group of Congressman asking the President to set a date for withdrawing from Iraq must be considered Allah sent by the terrorists.

President Bush, quite smartly, stated that the troops would stay until the job is completed. Anything else would have given our enemies exactly what they wanted. A chance to hold on by their fingertips until we packed up and left. At which point they could run roughshod over the Iraqi troops and return Iraq to how it was under Saddam, or perhaps something even worse.

Any Congressperson with even a smattering of historical perspective should know that setting such a timetable is tantamount to giving up on the fight. We owe the people of Iraq the chance to turn their country into something safe and secure.

Sorry, no time to blather further on this.


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