Tuesday, September 13, 2005


This is one of the few times in my life I feel bad for politicians.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina these people from the city, state and federal levels are all taking more flak then a B-17 formation over Berlin in 1944.

Truthfully, some blame for the humanitarian disaster that struck should be aportioned out to each level. The city should have done a better job evacuating or at least ensuring that their shelters were above flood level and properly staffed with police. The state could have called out the National Guard prior to the storm striking, and the president could have been hovering over the area the day after the storm left.

I've said this before and will now repeat it, people expect too much from America. We are a superpower, but not Supermen. Despite lacking super powers look what has already been accomplished. Tens of thousands of people have been relocated and many of them are settling down in their new cities. Electricity is being returned, infrastructure repaired and other evacuees are heading home.

No other country in the world could have accomplished so much in a week. None. Period. End of statement.

But this has not been fast enough. Much like the person who thinks 30 seconds is to long to wait for a hot dog to microwave, the world feels we are dragged our feet. Granted, many of those shouting the loadest are those with the most to gain by making the government look bad. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, everyone in Hollywood and politicians of all stripes.

What did they expect. President Bush to snap his fingers and make everything OK? The unfortunate answer is yes.


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I completely agree.


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