Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And now for something completetly different....

For some reason the Country Music Awards were held in NY City this week.

I'm not exactly sure when, I guess Monday or Tuesday, which just goes to show the impact the CMAs had on The Big Apple. Nada, zero, off the radar. Most NYers would not have even known about the show except for the banners hanging from all the street light poles and the Chevy trucks that were parked out front of Madison Square Garden.

Considering the entire middle of the country loves this music, it's pretty amazing that gets so little attention in NY. However, there is no country music station within about 50 miles of NY, there might be a few cowboy themed bars in the city, but then again there are also bars for people who like to dress up in leather and get beaten with a Cat O Nine Tails. Actually, there are probably quite a few of the latter type of establishment.

If the CMA awards are held in a city and nobody notices, did they really happen? Interesting philosophical point perhaps.

The end result of this experiment is likely to be the death of country music. I read in the gossip section of the NY Daily News that Kenny Chesney was spotted at the Four Seasons!! Good God, I wonder who was at Elaine's or hanging with the hip-hop crowd. Once the good old boys and girls from the sticks see that their stars were not drinking at Hogs and Heffers, but dining at The Union Squar Cafe then all hell is lible to break loose. No more record sales, people trading in their Dodge Pickup for a Toyota, basically the end of the world as we know it.


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