Thursday, October 27, 2005

The White Sox Win The Series, The White Sox Win The Series, ah who cares

Besides the southside of Chicago nobody in the country seems to give two hoots that Ozzie and his band have won.

I watched the games off and on, all were good, close games with lots of drama, but since I have to go to work in the morning I never saw past the seventh inning. Two games ended so late that my morning paper did not have the results. I'm not going to go into one of those "think about the children" arguments which state that the game will die because it's not generating new fans.

That's been said for years and is false. What is going to happen is the game will lose the people who love baseball in addition to their hometown team. Me, I like the Mets. I don't really care about the playoffs if the Mets are not involved, which means I rarely care about the playoffs. If the Yankees are involved then I'm forced to follow it because every NY media outlet screams about the games. But otherwise I'm pretty blase'. I guess I'm just not that much of a fan.

But getting back to my point, those people who love baseball and have to get up in the morning are simply not going to watch. I would love to see if the Neilsen ratings show viewership fall off after 11pm East Coast time. Maybe Bud Selig and company could be convinced to push the start times up an hour and dump the stupidity like Latin Awards night or whatever it was that took place before Game Four.


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