Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Democrats Sink To A New Low

After a week where Demorcats in Congress tried to undermine the war, a Massachusettes' Democrat has aligned himeslf with Venuzuelen's Communist President Hugo Chavez in order to score politcal points at home.

U.S. Rep. William Delahunt of Massachusetts, met with Chavez and brokered a deal where the oil rich country would sell cheap oil to poor people in Mass. According to CNN, Delahunt called the move a humanitarian gesture by Chavez. You have to love the picture on the CNN story of Joseph Kennedy II hauling a hose from an oil tanker. No doubt where that families loyalty lies.

Does Delahunt need votes so badly that he is willing to sell out to a man who is doing his damndest to reinvent the Soviet Union? Chavez has called for an end to American style capitilism and has ruined the Venezuelen economy by nationalizing many of its industries. Would he take cheap oil from Iranians, too?

By working with Chavez Delahunt has lost all his credibility not to mention the fact that he is now in debt to a foreign leader.

I hope someone in Congress stands up and points out this despicable behavior for all to see when Congress comes back into session.


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spare me the histrionics. You wouldn't be slamming Exxon if it decided to help low-income residents of Massachusetts with subsidized heating oil. So why are you slamming Citgo? Yes, it has ties to Hugo Chavez, a socialist, a demagogue, a person who does not support the US mission in the world. Big freakin deal. If the US oil industry didn't already do business with the Saudis, who have supported outright terrorism against the United States, you might have more of a point. I'm just happy that more people will be able to afford heat this winter.


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