Sunday, March 19, 2006

Poker Trouble

I decided to join the world of online gambling this weekend.

Anyone want to buy a house, mine will soon be for sale, cheap. Just kidding, but I certainly can see where it could lead a person down that path.

What is odd is the amount of pressure I feel on me as a newcomer. Considering I gamble in Vegas I really sweat the $5 bucks I have invested in a hand of texas hold'em. Not sure why. So far my best finish has been 5th in a tournament where the top four get paid. Damn!!

I'm all done for this week. I lost the $20 I set aside for my initial trial and that's it until next weekend.

I was really hoping to win or at least place in one tournament so I could play with house money, but no luck.

So instead I will stay on my blog where its free.


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