Friday, March 10, 2006

Spam: A Wasted Effort

My company recently instituted a new spam filter that piles up suspicious emails onto a web site where the use can check to see if they are valid or junk.

The system works great, a rarity for my company, but after going through the list daily for a few weeks I started to think about how much time and effort is put in toward sending out this crap. Somewhere there must be hundreds of people making up fake Gmail and Yahoo email accounts just to avoid the spam filters. I guess a job is a job...

I do get a kick out of the subject lines.

First, would anyone buy a pharmacutical from a company that cannot spell pharmacy. I would say taking a prescription from Re: ParaQmcy news, Re: ParamHcy news, Re: Partamcynews or Re: PaKramcy news would land you in the hospital pronto.

Then there are those who feel that using a maximu of IM speak will entice you to open the email, get ur facts str8. What facts and why do I currently have them wrong?

I get quite a bit of financial email like Recipe for Market Gains?

Finally there are those that do not fall into any particular category, Protestant gasworks and What a moron. Why do protestant's have so much gas? Do they eat the wrong foods.

About 20 or so of these pile into my inbox each day and every day I delete 20 or so. How do the companies or whatever they are manage to make enough money to keep doing this? An even bigger question is how stupid are the people who actually open and then use of the info found in these messages. My guess is they top out on the idiot meter.


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