Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kill the Ports Deal

The following is the clearest written argument that I have come across that explains why a UAE should not be allowed to buy control of six U.S. ports. It is from William J. Bennett & Seth Leibsohn and found on NRO.

No matter how many assurances we are given that our government will remain in charge of this security, the cargo will be managed and coordinated by a foreign-owned company whose country has anything but a strong record in preventing terrorism. In short, when all the smoke is cleared, the UAE is not a country of tried and true reliability like, say, Great Britain. There is a difference between Great Britain and the UAE, many differences in fact, and we should not be instructed otherwise.

So many pundits have equated allowing the UK to run the ports is the same as allowing the UAE. They are basically saying that if one foreign firm can run the ports, then why not another. This is the most foolish of arguments. Can a car thief be equated with Charles Manson? How about How about George Bush with Hitler ( Oh right, these same people often take that stance.) The UAE and the UK are not on the same playing field and anyone who insists on placing them at the same level is purposefully being disingenuous.

It is a scare tactic because they know most people, especially politicians, do not want to be labeled a racist.

On the flip side of this issue are those individuals who oppose the deal strictly because the president supports it. These people are possibly more disgusting since they are nothing but opportunists. If the president had come out in favor of forbidding the sale of pornography to elementary school children the same people would be opposed.

Those opposing the deal should stand firm in their beliefs and the president should realize that he is destroying his image with the American people. It makes him look like he is once again cuddling up with big business, an image he has refused to shake during his tenure. On the bright side at least a corporation gets something for donating millions to a Republican PAC.

Let's hope the president comes to his senses and helps kill this deal.


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