Tuesday, June 06, 2006

America: Home of the Foolish

AP: U.S. to give Iran nuclear technology

This is what happens when you throw in your towel with a bunch of Europeans.

I could have sworn we've just spent the past two years stating that we did not want Iran to have any such technology. What has changed in the past week to make the US change its mind on this topic. Has Iran renounced terrorism? Decided that Israel had the right to live? Stopped threatening to cut off the world's supply of oil? Stopped cracking down on those of its citizens who are sick of living in a 16th century theocracy?

No, Iran's leaders continue with their near daily screeds against all things not Iran.

So the only thing that has changed is the President decided to go along and join with Germany, France and the UK in talks with Iran. Talks that so far have generated nothing, but one letter from Iran to George Bush that said if we totally give in to their demands they will still build nuclear weapons.

It boggles my mind and makes me worry about the future my children will inherit when we have morons of the highest calibre coming up with such great diplomatic ideas.


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