Tuesday, May 16, 2006

National Guard To The Border, Part II

I hope President Bush proves all the conservative pundits wrong.

Their reaction today was somewhat unexpected. I thought more of them would give the president the benefit of the doubt on his new plan, but a quick poll of about six columnists on NRO had five decrying Bush's address as nothing more then a smokescreen to hide behind his true agenda of giving amnesty to the 11 million or so illegal aliens now in the U.S. Their lack of faith proves how deeply angered the nation's conservative base is with the president.

I'm a bit more middle of the road then the average conservative so I was more or less pleased with the speech. He continuously used the term illegal alien to describe the crimminals that have snuck into this country. I was not happy with the guest worker plan, but I also realize that the president is correct. We cannot round up 11 million people. It is logistically impossible.

So, as I am wont to do, I took his promises at face value. Believing the president might make me naive, but I think you have to give someone a chance before you get to cynical, although past history made it particularly hard in this case. What makes me want to believe him is his use of the word illegal. It was a theme throughout the speech and it is a rare day indeed when illegal aliens are actually called what they are, crimminals.

If the Federal government does enact everything that the president stated then we would put a serious dent in our problem. We can seal the border, force employers to only hire legal residents and start a paper trail on those people already here.

However, if the funding does not come through, or if the president vetoes a bill that does not include everything he desires, then it will become obvious that Bush was merely trying to boost his poll numbers without fixing our immigration problem.

This is my fear and I think, despite my hopeful outlook, is what is really going to take place.

Bush' desire to let these crimminals stay is well known. Big business wants a constant source of cheap labor. Bush listens to these guys. My other reason to be wary is the government current refusal to enforce the laws that are on the books. We legally have all the tools at our disposal to fix this problem, we simply don't bother and that infuriates me.

But, this is a new day and we should give George the chance to do the right thing. A barrage of emails and letters to your congressman or senator telling them what you want would also can't hurt. These people want to be re-elected, if you tell them that your vote is going to the anti-illegal immigration candidate I bet they become one of those quick enough.


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