Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'll Gladly Stop Enriching Uranium Tuesday, If You Pay Me Today

My brother did not realize it at the time, but 20-years ago he invented the diplomatic strategy used so well today by Iran and North Korea.

He would tell our parents that he would try harder and get better grades on his next report card if only they would immediately give him $10. My parents, being much smarter then the UN and EU honchos, of course refused. This led to my brother bringing home another disappointing report card. For those of you who think that a $10 investment would have resulted in straight As, well I say you should apply for a job as Kofi Anan's sidekick.

My parents knew two things. Two things that to many world leaders have not come to understand. First, never submit to blackmail. Secondly, they knew my brother's modus operandi. He was not likely to try any harder no matter what concessions he received.

So how come the UN and EU cannot use these simple, logical parenting tools when dealing with the Iranian mullahs and North Korea's crazed dictator?

My guess is because they don't want to be seen as the bad guy. My brother would be furious when his tactic failed, and I'm sure he thought mom and dad were horrible people. But in the end he realized he could not manipulate people in order to get what he wanted and he became a better person.

Kofi and company also are not willing to play the bad cop in dealing with the world's problem children. After all it's tough to maintain a multicultural, political correct front when you tell the leader of a third world shit-hole that they can't have a nuclear bomb and then back it up with force.

What these fools refuse to learn is they are the enabling force behind many of the worlds problems.

If the UN had stood up to Saddam Hussein in 1992 by strictly enforcing an arms embargo and not letting him get away with ignoring UN resolutions then the Mideast today would be a better place. Instead he was allowed to go his merry way and the region is a hell hole.

The exact same situation is now transpiring with Iran, Lebanon and Syria. The UN passes resolutions demanding action and the nation's involved either ignore the ruling or simply say, "No thanks" and do what they wish.

The problem here is that instead of simply creating an uneducated, spoiled child the world is creating demanding, uneducated nations that will soon have nuclear weapons.


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