Monday, July 31, 2006

The UN Will Save Israel

Mario Loyola suggested on National Review Online today that the only way Israel will ever be safe from Hezbollah missile attacks is to place its trust in the UN.

This is one of the most outlandish suggestions I have come across published by a respectable news organization. The UN is Israel's second worst enemy, after the various terror groups trying to destroy it. The UN constantly condemns Israel whenever it defends itself.

Anyway, here is the note I sent along to the author.

Dear Sir:
Your faith in the UN is admirable, but totally misplaced. The UN is helpless when faced with a country or group that simply ignores its resolutions. Not only does it lack the military strength to enforce is rulings, there is no committment to use what little force it has at its disposal. The only time UN resolutions get enforced is when the U.S. takes it upon itself to do the heavy lifting, and then the EU comes down on us for acting independently.
The Syrian and Iranian leadership will follow Saddam Hussein's path and do as they please until somebody decides enough is enough and removes them from power.
Instead of looking to the UN for answers you should have suggested that the Israeli Air Force bomb the Syrian missile factories. That would cut off part of the supplies and let the Syrians know that the game is now being played with new rules.


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