Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dilbert Shoots Iran's President

I've always loved this cartoon. As a corporate slave I have always recognised that Dilbert's creator Scott Adams knows what it's like to spend countless hours in a beige cube.

Now I can love Scott's work on an entirely different level. Read Adam's blog. He is a very conservative thinker and probably more hawkish then the average Rush Limbaugh listener.

I would pay some serious money to hear Adams and fellow cartoonist/liberal asshole Ted Rall go at it. Considering Adams general overall talent he would crush Rall and then make fun of him in the funny pages for months to follow.

It seems in his post today, Adams was trying to clarify his position on world events to his readers. Because his writing style is pretty off the wall it is not always blazingly clear that Adams is conservative, so people have been giving him hell because the misunderstand what he is saying. Well, that won't be necessary after today.

Here is a clip.

Now, since I know from the comments that many of my readers are – inexplicably – also troglodytes, allow me to include a disclaimer here. I’m way more hawkish than you are. It just doesn’t look that way because my thinking is that if a bully punches you, you should run away. Later, when he’s asleep, put a bullet in his head and leave the gun in his little brother’s crib so it looks like a sibling squabble. In other words (again, for the troglodytes) being tough doesn’t require being stupid. It’s totally optional.

It's time to put this guy on the presidential ballot.


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