Monday, February 14, 2005

Blasts From The Past, And Other Places Part 12

Why Hillary Is Sunk

There have been several news stories and Op-Ed pieces reflecting upon whether Hillary Clinton is the happiest Democrat in America today.

I doubt it very much. Tuesday’s election was a total repudiation of everything for which she stands. All of the social policies put forth by the Kerry camp are part of her platform and she would face the same shoulder to shoulder defiance of the religious right that killed Kerry.

While husband Bill was able to smile and awe-shuck his way into people’s hearts, Hillary comes across as the coldish of fish. Whereas Al Gore was a mannequin and thus not overly offensive, Hillary’s mere presence is a major put off for people outside the elite liberal circles that she inhabits.

The two points thus far in Hillary’s favor are she has not hopped onto the anti-Iraq war bandwagon and she is an excellent panderer. She has remembered that thousands of her constituents died on Sept. 11 and even though there is no direct Iraq-al Queda link NYers would be peeved it she followed Kerry’s lead on the issue. Hillary showed during her NY senate run that she is capable of showing empathy for people’s problems. She convinced rural NYers that she understood their economic problems better then her Republican counterpart Rick Lazio and would so something in Washington to help.

There is no great evidence that she has followed through on these promises. It’s pretty tough to legislate when you are off every other day raising money for other democrats, but she can be persuasive when needed.


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