Monday, February 14, 2005

Blasts From The Past, And Other Places Part 16

Please forgive the countless posts with the more or less repetive headline. There is a reason for this.

Rear View Mirror landed at Blogspot a few weeks ago after running at eBloggy, written under the same title, for about a year. eBloggy and my file was wiped out by a nefarious server malfunction several weeks ago so I decided to pack up the moving van and move here.

The unfortunate aspect of this is whomever comes to my new site is missing the context to see where I'm coming from in my ramblings. Luckily, I stored some draft versions of my previous blogs on my PC, along with commentary from other areas, that I will now reprint here. Please forgive the typos, poor analogies and grammar as I did not have time clean up my old copy.

With that said. Welcome to Rear View Mirror...

Condi Rice as Sec’y of State.

A divergent group of thoughts crossed my mind when I heard the news. She is smart, has high-level government experience and will not embarrass the U.S. She might be a better fit at say the Defense Department where her four years of experience as the president’s NSA would come into play.

But overall Condi’s greatest asset is being female. Yes, she is not the first female to hold this position, remember Madeline Albright, but a female Sec’y of State in today’s world will deal much more with hard core Muslim leaders. I would love to see the look on the Saudi king’s face when she walks up, un-covered, without a male family escort and extends her hand for him to shake. He will either have to break his religious rules and recognize Condi for what she is, and for what Islam claims she cannot be, or shun her and expect a backlash from the U.S.

But outside of humiliating such men, as delicious as that thought is, Condi potentially can be a leader in bringing Western values to the morally and socially corrupt Arab Peninsula. Men will be forced to deal with a woman on an equal basis. Arab women can see and be inspired by what she has accomplished. Will these women rise up and claim their rightful place in Muslim society? Not likely, but the seed will be planted.


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