Thursday, February 03, 2005

Liberals Are A Close Minded Lot

I'm pretty certain most readers of Maureen Dowd's NY Times column would describe her as a liberal. I just want to set that straight before I plow on with the rest of this diatribe.

To me being a liberal means being open minded and not denigrating other people's beliefs.

If this is true then how come someone like Dowd is not only unable to accept a creationist point of view, but actually wastes very valuable editorial real estate in the NY Times op-ed section to poke fun at those who believe God created the universe?

I am not a creationist. I am a firm believer in evolution. Charles Darwin would love me. However, if you want to believe in something else, that's OK with me as long as you don't try to push your theories on me. If Dowd thinks creationism is loony how about those folks who say Earth's population is actually offspring of aliens who landed on our planet millions of years ago?
Again, the Art Bell lovers of te world are more then welcome to their thoughts. If nothing else it makes for fun reading on the supermarket check out line.

Dowd and her crowd just can't stomach people having ideas that differ from her own. She can't abide by creationists or those who voted for George Bush. However, what she, George Soros, Michael Moore, etc. are really against is real democracy. As long as elections lead to outcomes that are agreeable liberals are content, but the second the voters have the nerve to go against the liberal grain all hell breaks loose and out comes Maureen's poison pen or worse Moore's movie camera.


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