Thursday, June 23, 2005

Topic Shift

It is time once again for one of my patented topic shifts on this blog. While I do spend the majority of my time on bizarre political rants, the blog's usual readers know I jump into Star Wars/Star Trek topics from time to time.

And this is such a day.

I just completed reading this blog, The Darth Side, Memoirs of a Monster. This is not a normal blog, but instead one person's interpretation of the inner thoughts of Darth Vader. It is extremely well written and the author has a great sense of humor.

What I find of great interest is that the author enjoys Star Wars enough to spend a great deal of time and effort to create such a blog. My guess is he is a geek of high standing. Among nerdom he towers above most, if not all of his contemporaries. And that is great. The Web has given this fellow a great outlet for his passion. Lukily, Darth Lucas has not come down on this guy and demanded that the site be taken offline. I suppose that much like Lando's small mining colony, this site rides below the evil emperor's radar.

I think being able to pour ones nerdiness onto the web is a cool thing. Most people simply hide their scifi desires or bring them outh when they are with certain friends and attending Star Trek conventions.

I wonder if peope who love Shakespeare or Twain or Steven King delve into the characters in those books in the same manner as Star Wars and Star Trek followers? Is there a site where somebody is writing the inner thoughts of Hamlet? I suspect Harry Potter has either already started generating such fans or soon will. Perhaps even Battlestar Galactica if it can stay on the air long enough to gather a following.

All in all I would say these outlets are a plus for society. Nerdiness that is swallowed by an individual will simply fester over the years leading to fat, single men who work as computer programmers by day. The world has enough of these, so more power to the author of Darth's memoirs.


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