Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Call A Nut A Nut

North Korea drives me crazy, but that is only because its leader is certifiable.

In the past three days NK has promised, again, to swear off building nukes in return for economic aid and security guarantees. The decision was widely hailed as a major breakthrough, but not 24 hours later Kim Il Jong, or Il Jong I can never remember, decided that blackmail was a better course and declared his country would keep its nuclear program if the West did not supply him with two light-water nuclear reactors.

He did not even wait to see what type of economic aid was forthcoming.

Today a North Korean newspaper said the only reason the U.S. wants that country to drop its nuke program is to facilitate an all out U.S. nuclear attack on Kim and company.

"In a word, it intends to disarm and crush us to death with nuclear weapons," the commentary said.

These words might have been printed as a newspaper editorial, but since the governments runs everything we know they came straight from crazy Kim's mouth.

With this latest bit of insanity, I think it's time for President Bush or Condi Rice to call out this nut job.

In a nationally televised press conference Bush or Rice should say, "any agreement with North Korea is impossible because its leader is certifiably insane. He makes agreements only to reverse themselves 24-hours later. He is unstable and does not understand how the world operates. He should not be in charge of a convenience store, much less a nuclear weapons armed nation."

The U.S. should then categorically deny that it intends to implement any type of regime change with North Korea. We will only fight if it attacks America or an ally.

"With that understood we will not give one penny of aid, food or otherwise, North Korea while Kim is in charge and we will ask the rest of the world to do the same. This will not include a blockade, no force will be used. The unfortunate aspect of this decision is millions will starve in North Korea. To stop this from happening we call upon the North Korean people to take matters into their own hands and depose Kim. We know that country's military leaders are listening. We know they must be more sensible then their leader and realize he will take them down the road to disaster."

And then the president or Condi turns and walks away from the podium.


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