Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back To Beheadings

It would appear Iraqi terror groups want to give one of their old tactics another run.

Over the past few days the number of foreigners abducted and shown on the web has jumped. According the New York Times an American along with several Canadian, European and Iranians have been kidnapped in Iraq. This methodology was all the rage in Iraq last year when beheadings took place on what seemed to be a weekly basis. The killings proved useless as a method of inciting change and petered out, except for those involving local Iraqis kidnapped for ransom purpsoes.

This has to be a sign of desperation. When a terrorist is reduced to snatching people as dedicated to removing US forces from Iraq as the terrorists then he is certainly running out of options. Several of those captured belong to the anti-war group the Christian Peacemakers. These folks have been doing good deeds in Iraq for quite some time, but their humanitarianism and political stance did not protect them from the crazies.

These terrorist have to be among the dumbest in Iraq. Germany has done nothing but voice its displeasure over Iraq, why get that nation angry. If I were a Frenchmen in Baghdad I'd be heading home about now.


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