Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Local Media Fails New Yorkers

The New York City transit strike is exposing a major flaw in how local breaking news is covered on the web.

There is none. After taking a look at three radio, five TV and four newspaper web sites I have no idea what is taking place right now in NY City. All these news sources are simply listing Associated Press stories from this morning regarding the strike going into affect. These are paired with additional AP reporting on angry commuters, but the information that people need to know cannot be found.

The local radio stations all have the ability to broadcast online, but these are innaccessible due to high traffic. At least I hope that is the reason.

During hurricane Katrina all the local New Orleans TV stations had reporters doing live reports that were posted on the web. While the subway strike is no where near as devastating, it would be nice if something were available that was not six hours old. Nobody needs to see NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge on his way to city hall again.

News that needs to be told is how crowded are the operational commuter line train stations working. Are they crowded? Does the NYPD expect terrible traffic on the way home tonight. There are not even updates on the negotiations or stories saying there are no negotiations taking place.

Considering how much information was available almost immediately from Katrina, the Indian Ocean tsunami and even Iraq, it is unbelievable that New Yorkers cannot find out what is happening outside their office and h ome windows.


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