Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rep. Murtha Wrong On Pullout

It did not seem possible that Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha could worsen his "pull the troops out of Iraq now" stance, but he managed with several comments he made today.

Murtha said the military is being broken in Iraq and it must be removed in order to save it.

This is the most illogical argument I have ever heard.

Following Murtha's line of thought the U.S. should run whenever a situation gets to tough. Following this line of thought we should have quit fighting World War 2 when the First Marine Division was worn down during five months of brutal fighting on Guadalcanal. Or when the Army was brutalized during the Battle of the Bulge. After Bull Run the Federal Army should have left the Confederacy alone because the cost of victory was going to be to high. The Revolutionary Army should have tossed in the towel after being run off Bunker Hill and losing the Battle of Long Island.

The Battle of Iraq has to be won. It is not going to be easy. Murtha needs to exorcise Vietnam from his mind. That was a different war being fought under different circumstances.


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