Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pathetic Celebrities had a great rundown this morning of 2005 celebrity lows.

The story covers everything from quick ending marriages and engagements to the stupid names Hollywood types enjoy tagging onto their children as if they were a pet dog.

I rarely expect much from anyone with the adjective celebrity placed in front of their name. Heck, many of them, Paris Hilton, actually have not done anything of note except managing to be born into wealthy families.

I wonder if the Hollywood divorce rate is higher then the national average? If so why. Can't these people committ to someone else or are they so self-absorbed that fully sharing themself with another is simply beyond their limited capabilities?

Secondly, what is with the truly idiotic public behavior? Did Russell Crowe really believe heaving a phone at a hotel clerk would get him a long distance line, why did Oprah think a store should reopen after closing time just so she could shop? Does the world revolve around her fat ego? No.

I'm not even going to discuss Michael Jackson and Robert Blake getting off scott free. I'm sure Phil Spector will follow in their footsteps in 2006. After all having the police find a woman you picked up that night found shot to doeath in your living room with one of your pistols is hardly damning evidence.

It would be great if all these celebrity types could be knocked down a few pegs, but that would require the elimination of the entire publicity industry, a group of people dedicated to making the foolish famous, and that will never happen.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger marrie said...

I have a theory about celebrity marriages. I think they don't last because celebrities don't need them to last. Marriage can be really hard sometimes, under the best of circumstances, and there are times when the thing that holds you together is that you need each other. I need my husband to love and support me, financially and emotionally, and he needs me to take care of the kids and support him. When we are fighting, I think about how we have to work it out, because if we didn't we would still have to deal with each other, because of the kids. I think if we were super rich we wouldn't have that motivation to really stick it out. I think it sounds calloused right now, when I'm not fighting with my husband, but when I'm angry with him, I think about these things.


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