Monday, January 30, 2006

Renaissance Man Ben Stein

Ben Stein, possibly one of the few true examples of a renaissance man around these days, has a great riposte to Joel Stein's LA Times column that I've been ragging on in the American Spectator.

I place Ben Stein in the renaissance man category because he has managed to become an economic advisor to a president, a lawyer, author, actor (Bueller? Bueller?) and game show host all in one lifetime. To top it all he has managed to raise the level of the discussion during all of these activities, something particularly hard to do on a game show, but anyone who has watched Win Ben Stein's money will agree.

Thanks to A Large Regular for pointing me toward the Ben Stein column.


At 12:07 AM, Blogger Danny/Daniel said...

JJ are the most dangerous hand to play. KK or AK are much easier. Basically with KK or AK you are always justified with pushing them. With JJ your position definately mandates whether or not you should press hard with a pre-flop raise. Obviously you can slow roll anything including AA, but that depends on the people with whom you are playing. With JJ it is so much more dangerous due in part that your bluffs on the flop, after high cards don't hit you, can easily screw you. Also, with JJ your opponent's hand is much more likely to improve even when you are ahead after a low nothing flop.

I know you weren't expecting this comment, but I am just bored at work and read it on some random person's blog. Feel free to respond or not. Have a good day.


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