Friday, February 03, 2006

Democracy Wrong For The Arab World?

I've followed President Bush's thought that it is an insult to Muslims to say that democracy cannot be introduced to the Middle East. That is until the cartoon-inspired riots spread through the region during the past few days.

Muslims in several different countries rioted because a few European newspapers depicted images of the prophet Mohammad. Not even particularly negative images, just a picture, which some Muslims take to be a form of idolatry. So naturually the offended people rioted, burned Danish flags and called for various EU government to apologize for this supposed offense.

The total lack of understanding concerning freedom of the press along with the belief that everyone must follow Muslim laws regardless of their religious background is a strong sign that the average Muslim on the street might need some serious schooling before they grasp how a non-dictatorship, non-theocracy, non-monarchy operates. These rioters do not understand that they are calling for the wrong group to apologize. A government cannot apologize for an act committed by a private corporations.

The total lack of tolerance on this issue could by those offended can only spill over to other areas. Another sign was watching Fatah followers take to the streets following their loss in the Palestinian election to Hamas. While some Democrats made a scene after Bush won the last election, none whipped out their AK-47 and fired at random.

The democratic political process has simply not been instilled in the average Middle Easterner. Does anyone think Hamas will ever give up power? Of course, not. It will stay in place declaring itself the properly elected government until a coup or Israeli invades and wipes it out.

This is a problem given little public discussion


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