Monday, May 08, 2006

Save the Sheep

This is a great story. It seems PETA, the animal rights group, has opened a chapter in the Middle East to combat the poor treatment sheep receive.

Here is the story from AFP.

PETA is upset that the sheep are not treated nicely, that they tend to suffer during their trip to the Mid East from ranches in Australia and the group is not happy with the slaughter houses either.

Australian sheep and cattle shipped to the Middle East suffer atrocities beyond your worst nightmares," read the caption to one of the videos, said to have been filmed in Cairo's Basateen slaughterhouse.

The folks at PETA, I think, are in for a big surprise. Their attempt to change government sheep handling rules is absurd. These governments don't care about their own people, much less sheep. I think after the PETA folks receive a beating from the local secret police they will back off their claims and let the sheep meet their demise in any fashion the butcher desires.

They ain't in Kansas no more and they will not be dealing with touchy-feely types Egypt, Kuwait or Qator.

This should be an interesting confrontation. I hope AFP stays on this story.


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