Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stars Wars Defense Activated

It is a very rare day indeed when the U.S. government announces that it might take the proper steps in dealing with a miserable, pissant little country.

Fox News is carrying a story that states the U.S. might try and shoot down any missile launched by North Korea with our fancy new anti-missile system that is located in Alaska and California. North Korea's dictator for life/despot/resident nut case Kim Jong Il's government said it might test an ICBM any day.

We of course launched the usual level of diplomatic bluster about santions and the Japanese said they would send a nasty letter to the UN if the launch took place, but that was it until today. I loved the Japanese response. It sounds more like the response one would send to a building landlord to complain about a noisy next door neighbor. With all the fancy electronics coming out of Sony, Mitsubishi and Panasonic one would think the government could contract for a combo DVD player/death ray to protect the island from North Korea.

While the U.S. might not be able to make its own televisions anymore, we do have a wonderful collection of aerospace firms in place that can make cool toys like the naval ship-based Aegis
antimissile system and the continental U.S. missile defense system.

A couple of Aegis equipped Navy ships are patrolling of North Korea's coast and might get in a quick shot, too.

It would be nice for the NKs to launch their missile just to we could blow it out of the sky. Maybe the wreckage can fall on Kim's head and solve two problems with one missile.

On the other hand the U.S. missile defense system has not had many, if any, truly succesful tests and it would be a major embarrassment if it missed the target. Although, I suppose if that happened we could just pretend the entire event did not happen and go on our merry way.


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