Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush To Debate Ahmadinejad

I think it was a mistake for President Bush to decline the opportunity to debate Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

From my perspective nothing, but good could have come of such an event. There are several paths the president could have taken: Here are a few....

First, when Bush debated Al Gore prior to his first term he managed to out talk a pretty smart, well spoken man. Personally, I did not think Bush won any of those debates, but the rest of America disagreed. So if W could do that to Gore he would turn Ahmadinejad into a mumbling idiot.

Second, I bet it wouldn't take much for Bush to incite Ahmadinejad into an apoplectic rage. A few well chosen words, perhaps submitted by the Pope, would have him raving like Kruschev's nutty brother bashing the podium with his copy of the Koran. The worlds needs to see that Ahmadinejad is truly a nutcase. Of course, anyone who has read his quotes already knows this, but for the illiterate among us video is needed.

Third and finally the President can get up and say the following.

"I came here under false pretenses. I do not intend to debate you. I intend to tell you and everyone watching exactly what is going to happen if Iran does not learn to behave. If Iran does not declare itself nuclear free and abide by the numerous UN resolutions demanding access to its nuclear development sites we will take action. I do not care if the entire world disagrees with what we intend to do. The world always disagrees. Iran cannot call for the destruction of a UN member nation and not be punished. It cannot send money and arms to terrorist groups that kill our soldiers and attack civilians around the world. Its leaders cannot state that the world must submit to Islam or face the consequences. The United States is vilified on a daily basis for actual and perceived transgressions that pale in comparison to what Iran's leaders put out. If we are held to such a high standard then so should Iran.

Any nation who wishes to join us can meet with me out in the lobby. Good Day.

Originally, my fourth option was for George to pull out a .45 and shoot Ahmadinejad right there on the floor of the UN, and then hand Kofi Anan America's resignation from the UN and an order shutting down the building. But then I thought better of including it.


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