Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nobody Likes School

Here is an interesting/scary story concerning what is called a "free school" in Brooklyn, NY.

The school eschews every basic covenant of a normal school such as classes, rules, tests and standards of any kind. The kids do what they want when they want and learning anything is an option. Oh yeah, they also get to make up the school's rules at a weekly meeting where a first grader has as much say as a teacher.

It's a good thing these kids live in NY City. This way they can get a good look at their future everytime they pass by a homeless person sleeping on a park bench.

I think this free school is the ultimate example of parents abrogating their responsibility to properly raise their children. One parent said that her son had done well in a normal school, but hated going and would cry when dropped off, but he loves the school where anything goes.

So what exactly is this kid being taught. When something is difficult give up and do something easy? What happens when these kids try to get into college or get a job. They will be even less prepared for life then a graduate of one of the city's public school's, which is saying a ton.

I see parents give in to their kids all the time. Whether it's allowing poor behavior, talking back or simply giving them everything the child asks for even if its not in their best interest.

In the past, say 30 years ago, you could blame the child for his or her bad behavior or inability to do well in school. If only because the parents probably were trying hard to raise the child properly. Now the blame can more times then not be placed firmly at the parent's feet.

The only positive that will come out of this is that these parents will end up supporting their children until the parents die because there is no way these kids will be able to function as adults.


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