Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is It Over Yet?

Election Day, that is.

I can't possibly express how sick I am of the entire process. Not Democracy, but the act of running for office. The commercials, pamphlets and hand shaking politicians they are everywhere in NY. And let's not forget the exuberant political party helpers who insist on telling me to get out and vote as I walk down the street.

While all these actions are bad enough, what really set me off this year is having a person running for Suffolk County Clerk approach me as I was sitting on my train going to work. I was reading the paper when she announced her presence. Her flack then handed me a pamphlet and the wannabee clerk held out her gloved hand for me to shake. I guess skin to skin contact is a no-no.

My train ride is my last sanctuary. Even with the idiots jabbering on their cell phones, I can still sit and read for an hour in semi-comfort.

So this lady ruined it and guaranteed I will not vote for her today. I have no idea if she would be the best county clerk ever, but she lost my vote.

Same goes for the idiots who think an automated phone call to my house during dinner is a good way to get my vote. I politely listen, make note of the candidate and then promise myself to vote against that individual.

Then there was this candidate running for my town council. I would give his name, but I've purged it from my memory already. But he had the nerve to place on his pamphlet a picture of himself with his wife and his mom with a caption that read, and I paraphrase, "candidate so and so with his wife and mother, who recently lost her husband who was a decorated Korean War veteran."

Is he looking for the combination sympathy/patriotic vote? Does it make a person more electable if his parents did something noble? Should we not elect someone if his family is full of scoundrels? How far back can one go to find a relative that you can place on your pamphlet?

If this idea really worked I would think everyone and his uncle would swear to be a distant relative of Abraham Lincoln. So this fellow also will not get my vote.

So I can't wait to go to work tomorrow knowing I will not have to dodge hand shaking politicos or take a chance on getting a nasty paper cut from a pamphlet that is being stuffed into my hand.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger iPont said...

Okay, I'm breaking my own rule by commenting on a politically-oriented entry, but I just read a related article this morning.

I guess the politicians already know how you feel because this article from Slashdot says that the Republicans are robo-calling people (using an auto-dialer and an automated message) and they make it sound like the call is coming from a Democratic candidate. Anybody that doesn't hang up gets to hear a smear message about that candidate.

My favorite part of the article, however, is the step-by-step instructions on how to sue the organizations that make the calls in small claims court, because many times, they are actually breaking the law.


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