Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Carthage And Today's Mid East Problems

There was a great show on the Science Channel Monday night called Metropolis.

The series studies great ancient cities, lots of archeological digging, experts discussing how the city operated 2200 years ago, etc. Outside of Carthage was found a huge mound of broken pottery. The show's university expert described the manufacturing process and its importance to Carthage. Then to better illustrate how the pottery was made the show visited a place nearby where the same type of clay pots are made by almost the exact same process that was used more than 2200 years ago.

What does that say about the local population. In 2200 years they could not come up with a better way of making pots? That they did not change even some small aspect of the manufacturing process? I find it pretty amazing that any culture could remain so fixed in its ways over such a long period of time.

Yet we have the exact same situation in the Middle East today. Large segments of that society not only have zero desire for modern input, such as equality for women, but are actively trying to roll back those few civil rights now in place to what they were 500 years ago.


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