Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Dutch Van Gogh Trial

The terrorist, whom I refuse to site by name, told the world the other day exactly what type of enemy we are fighting.

"I acted out of conviction and not our of hate," Mr. Bouyeri told the court. "If I'm ever released, I'd do the same again. Exactly the same."

Then he said to Van Gogh's mother that he could not feel her pain at the loss of her son because she is a non-believer.

These statements should make clear to anyone in the world that the enemy with which we are dealing cannot be reasoned with. We are not dealing with a logical group of people when it comes to the Islamic terrorists, or even the average Muslim. The terrorists want to kill us. Not open a dialogue or try and correct suspected wrongs. They want to bring death to all who oppose their will. I am not sure if the upper echelons of the terrorist heirarchy are truly driven by religious fervor or a Hitler-like desire for world domination. I am leaning toward the latter, with the thought that they are using religion to convince other Muslims that they are doing God's will. Just like the Pope did before the Crusades.


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Greg said...

That's right - now we have to kill 'em first.


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