Friday, January 20, 2006

A Parent's Duty

I complained a bit the other day about having to construct a car for my son's Cub Scout project.

I shouldn't have ranted quite so much. It is all part of being a parent. It is a father and mother's job to properly guide their kids, make sure they do not make major errors that can injure them or ruin their futures.

It would seem the father of California born Taliban member John Lindh did not get the memo on his expected parental duties. Today he issued a statement saying his son should not be in jail, did not fight Americans, is not a traitor. Basically disclaiming all his son's actions. If you remember Lindh was captured after a fire fight between US forces and the Taliban in Afghanistan in late 2001.

It seems Frank Lindh thought it was great that his son at the age of 15 decided to take up Islam and then leave the country to study his new religion. All before the age of 18. Lindh's parents gave their blessing to allow their son to wander around such garden spots as Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan in pursuit of a greater understanding of Islam, and of course to join the Taliban Army.

Frank Lindh and his wife should be sharing their son's jail cell. They are the individuals truly to blame for their son's incarceration. One has to wonder what fantasy world these people live in to think that a teenager can make such life altering decision.


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