Thursday, March 23, 2006

WSOP Here I Come

Maybe not yet, but I took my first baby step towards Las Vegas by winning a single-table tournement last night at

This was a sorely needed win. Even though I've only played about five games I was getting worried that I was not good enough to compete, but after avoiding self-inflicted disaster several times I managed to wear down my opposition and leave the table $25 richer.

It was a very competitive group and twice I found myself the short stack, but some luck came my way, along with some timely help from a hold'em how to book, to lead me to victory.

The smartest thing I did was leave while I was ahead. This is never a simple task as once you have the sweet taste of victory on your tongue you want to enjoy it all night long. However, the reality of having to get up and go to work forced me to turn off the PC and head to bed.

Luckily Friday is almost upon us and I can spend the entire night wallowing in victory. I hope.


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