Thursday, June 22, 2006

U.S. Out of World Cup

Yep we managed to lose 2-1 to Ghana. Where the hell is Ghana? I bet my kid's soccer league has more players then that entire country and yet we still can't manage to beat them. Pretty pathetic.

I expect the people the most upset by the loss are not the 145 people who followed the Cup so far, but the ESPN and ABC sports executives who have just lossed their only 145 World CUp viewers for the remaing two weeks of the tourney.

The sad thing is I like soccer, football, whatever its called. I played the game in high school and have a good time watching my kids play, but God help me it's more boring to watch then golf or professional Bass fishing. The field is always clogged in the middle and the players would rather use an illegal tactic and accept the penalty then allow a play to break free. Maybe if a the number of players on the field were limited to 9 that would help.


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