Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel vs. Hezbollah

It's no contest. Hezbollah loses.

I disagree with all those who say Israel is over reacting with its retaliatory attacks against the Lebanon-based terror group. Terror groups inherently understand violence. It is their currency. So massive attacks are the best method of dealing with even the slightest incursion.

The only point I think Israel failed to cover was in dealing with the democratically elected Lebanese government. The Lebanese cannot be happy that the southern portion of their country is controlled by Hezbollah. Israel should have offered a helping hand to the badly trained and supplied Lebanese army saying it should join Israel in a joint attack to eliminate the terrorist. This would have killed two birds with one stone and made the massive attacks more palatable to the world.

Israel still has time to make this offer, one Lebanese officials can hardly afford to disregard. It will be another day or two until enough Israeli troops are mobilized and readied for the ground phase of this operation. One that is certain to take place unless the UN manages to place troops along the border, something that is very unlikely since the US is the only nation capable of moving large numbers of soldiers on short notice.

Israel should publicly apologize for the damage being done to Lebanon's infrastructure, but state that it is necessary in order to eliminate the terrorists. Then follow up with an offer to help rebuild the country once the bad guys are sent fleeing to Syria.


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