Monday, June 26, 2006


The NY Times is once again making more news then what it prints between its covers.

However, I can't blame the Times entirely. It takes two to tango and in much the same way a person can't blame just their spouse for having an affair, the Times was merely on the receiving end of the information.

The person whose truly deserves the nation's wrath is the government worker who gave up the secret. When found he should be shot as a traitor. Whatever reason he or she decides to tell the military tribunal that will hear the case is not strong enough to warrant the action. In all likelihood the culprit is against the war in Iraq and wanted to discredit the government.

This person actions put all of our lives in danger. Now that the terrorists know how we track their financial transactions they will switch methods, enabling them to fund their operations, which are intended to kill us.

Now, don't get me wrong. The Times' executives should have known better then to run the story. There was a time when journalists were trusted with the nation's greatest secrets, the day of the D-Day invasion, for example. The government knew that the reporter embarking on the mission would keep quiet. If not out of a sense of patriotism then to protect his own skin. After all why let the Germans know that you, along with eight divisions of troops would be landing early on June 6?

Instead the Times decided to risk their necks along with the rest of us. Why a reporter in 1944 would have a better sense of self-preservation then a managing editor in 2006 is interesting. Perhaps those in charge today have not seen enough senseless death up close to realize that they too could be killed by the next NY terror strike.

Perhaps a field trip by the Times' staff down to ground zero would be enough to remind these idiots of the stakes at which we are all playing.

If the Times guys are willing I'll even fork over some money for the subway fare. A fair price to pay to knock some sense into these fools.


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