Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter Google Hit Generator

I would like to add the 197 millionth Harry Potter reference for Google to count.

I don't believe any entertainment related release has ever generated more buzz then Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The book sold 6.9 million copies in 24 hours making more money then the top 3 Hollywood movies over the weekend.

But to top it off, the book is worth it. Unlike the hysteria preceeding the final Star Wars installment, JK Rowling comes through 100%.

I'm just half-way through the 650 page tome, and I will not give a bit of the plot way. But I will say it is quite a bit different from the Order of the Phoenix. The story is just as well written and it's great to hear what Harry, Ron and Hermione are up to, but the tone is not the same. At this point I cannot say it is darker, although that is what all the reviews are stating, just different.

It is so enjoyable to read that I don't even care who the Half Blood Prince is, just reading Rowling writing is enough to keep me happy.


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