Monday, January 23, 2006

Amy, Mary Jo and Joey

I guess the troika of Amy Fisher and Mary Jo and Joey Buttafuco must be tight for cash. Either that or it's time for their annual public humiliation.

Can't these three idiots leave the past in the past? I used to feel bad for Mary Jo. All she did was have the bad sense to marry the biggest jackass on Long Island. A wannabe Vinny Barbarino who thought nothing of sleeping with a 14-year old girl. However, she has hardly pushed herself fully into the shadows and gotten on with her life by signing up for a sit down with her moron husband and the person who tried to kill her is absolutely shameless.

I expect nothing else from Joey. Who, since getting out of jail, has tried his hand, and failed, at several jobs including, car salesman, porn star and I think as an ice cream cart guy. Amy at one point had a job as a columnist for a free paper distributed on Long Island. It's the kind you have thrown into your driveway whether you want it or not. I read some of her stuff a few times, which led me to call the newspaper and ordering it cease and desist with delivery.

"But its free," the lady said."

"I don't care. You've hired a thug as a columnist simply for the shock value," I answered.

These three have brought enough shame to Long Island. Between them, the infamous barge of Islip Town garbage that wandered around the Western Hemisphere for six months and the Gottis, my neighborhood has enough problems.

My only hope is no TV network will run this show.


At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are these people anyways? I mean, why did they ever get so famous? I mean besides the stupid shooting incident. Were any of them ever somebody or done something in life? People get shoot every day - I can't believe that this whole story was ever interesting to anyone.

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is because it wasn't as common back than to do this kind of stuff.... Like school shootings now isnt talked about like the first one...

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the story is a very sad one and i feel for ALL parties involved. But time moves on, people change and things never stay the same forever !!!


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