Tuesday, January 24, 2006

U.S. Invaded

Why wasn't the news that the Mexican Army invaded Texas on the front page of the NY Times and running continuously on Fox News? Thanks to The Officer's Club for the link.


Probably because our own government could care less.


Uniformed Mexican Army and police hauling pot across the border into Texas in Mexican Army Hummers and Chertoff calls it a possible navigational mistake. I'd say the president doesn't want to upset the Hispanic voters nor his buddy Mexican Presidente Fox. God forbid a couple of votes are lost because our government decided to protect us.

"I think the stories are overblown," Chertoff said. "I asked the chief of the Border Patrol about it. The number has not increased; in fact, it had decreased a little bit."
The Daily Bulletin first reported on Sunday that the Border Patrol has tracked 216 such incursions by Mexican military or police forces since 1996. The highest total was in 2002, when 40 such crossings were recorded; in 2005, the number was nine.
Chertoff largely confirmed those numbers, saying incursions had averaged "approximately 20 a year" over the last 10 years. He also said that reports of corruption among Mexican troops were true.
"We do have instances where we have Mexican police or military who have deserted and become involved with criminal activity," Chertoff said. "But we've also had bad cops in the
United States, too. It happens."
He said the United States and Mexico have a collaborative relationship, and called the idea that incursions were a serious problem "scare tactics."

If they bad cops or soldiers then they should be arrested or if found on US territory killed. Sorry if that offends our southern neighbors, but tough.


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