Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Joel Stein Part II

Anyone interested in reading the transcript of the Hugh Hewitt show where Joel Stein tries to explain his column should click here.

What comes through is basically what I mentioned in yesterday's post Joel Stein's Sickening Revelation that you can read below. Stein simply cannot understand that another person might have a different view of our involvment in Iraq. A person who watches The History Channel for two hours would have more knowlede of the U.S. military then Stein posseses.

What is really odd is how he can't separate the individual soldier on the ground in Iraq, also it seems stationed anywhere else in the world, from the geopolitical situation. He considers it a hypocritical situation to offer them his support or even temper his disgust over their actions.

I think Stein's mindset is indicative of politics in American. Liberals refuse to look at a problem from a Conservative viewpoint and vice versa. Not only are so many people close minded, but angry at the same time and that does not bode well for our future.


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