Thursday, March 23, 2006

NCAA Tonite

Now onto my other recent obsession, the NCAA tournement.

It makes zero sense for me to be obsessed with March Madness as I dislike basketball, pro and college, and thus do not watch any of the games. I do, however, join the millons who check for scores on the web 85 times and hour. All this is because I invest $10 in an office pool each year.

I have yet to win, place or show in the pool or for that matter end up in the upper half of the standings. My only satisfaction is I always manage to beat out a co-worker who really knows the sport. It drives him crazy that I spend five minutes on my picks and decide the final winner with a coin toss, while he worries himself silly over each game. Massive entertainment all for $10 a year, I highly recommend it.


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