Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fast Food Does Not Make You Fat

No, don't run out and eat three Big Macs, that isn't the point of the headline.

There has been a lot on the web about fast food's effect on child obesity. A study between fast food available in some European countries and food here indicates their fast food is better. Mainly because of government involvement.

The problem isn't the food in the U.S. It's the parents that let their kids eat it all the time. Everyone knows Mickey D's and BK food is terrible for you, if tasty in small quantities. So if you let you kid eat it once a day they are going to turn into a porker.

The parents, the parents, the parents are responsible. Any parent that blames a store, restaraunt or the government is shunning their responsibility.

There is entirely to much sloughing off of parental responsibility today. Why? My guess is because being a parent is the hardest job in the world and many parents do not want to work that hard. So they feel someone else should take up the slack when it comes to teaching nutrition, sex, or about drugs and alcohol.

So the next time you see a fat pregnant teen with her drunk boyfriend on the street, let their parents know that they failed.


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