Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Duke Lacrosse

Well, it seems the mob might have spoken a bit to soon in convicting the entire Duke lacrosse team as rapists.

DNA testing has found that no genetic material from the the 45 players implicated on, or in, the woman making the allegations. I stated a week or so ago that the mob that wanted to hang these guys should have waited until some hard evidence was accumulated before they called for the players to be carted off to jail.

The local district attorney has vowed to continue investigating, as he should, but the fact that no charges have been filed speaks volumes about what is really happening right now. If the attack did take place as stated then some DNA evidence should have been picked up. The woman said she did fight back against multiple attackers. That means that some place on here body, under her fingernails for example, should have turned up something from her attackers. Yet nothing was found.

For both legal and political reasons the DA has to keep investigating. In the rare instance that the players did attack her, but somehow managed to keep their DNA to themselves then the truth has to come out and the guilty parties punished. For all we know one of the attackers could come down with a case of the guilts and break open the case.

The political aspect of this situation also cannot be ignored. It is a case of white against black opinion. The city surrounding Duke is predominantly black and the Duke lacrosse team almost all white. If the team were given a free pass at this point who knows what the reaction would, rightly, be that not enough effort was put into the case.

All in all this situation shows that the court of public opinion is rarely correct and its is always better to wait for the experts to have their say before you jump to a conclusion.


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