Monday, April 10, 2006

France Surrenders, Again

It's getting hard to keep track of how many times the French have run up the white flag, but once again its government caved on an issue.

Here's a good roundup of the war and surrender activities at Gatewaypundit.

Not to wallow in hyperbole, but this might be the most egrarious case of economic stupidity ever. With all levels of unemployment running in the double digits, the French government actually tries something that might stimulate job growth and the youth of the country riot against the resolution. The new law would allow a person to be fired for any reason during their first two years on the job.

The illogic of their actions is enough to give Mr. Spock a headache. Something like 22 percent of French college graduates in their early 20s are unemployed. Companies refuse to hire anyone of that age because once they are in the door it's next to impossible to fire them. The end result is young people do not get hired.

So, in essence the French rioters were rioting to keep themselves unemployed.

They all get a healthy allowance from the government, at least enough to keep wine, bread and cheese on the table so the lazy person inside of me can see the reasoning behind the riots.

With the law shot down there is only one thing left for the French leadership to try. Cut off unemployment benefits for this segment of the population. With no money coming in I bet these kids change their minds pretty quick about what is important in life.


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