Monday, April 03, 2006

Iranian Super Weapons

I'm no rocket scientist or even a torpedo scientist, but two claims made by the Iranians during the past week sound awfully fishy.

This makes some sense considering the latest wonder weapon is a new ultra fast torpedo. According to Iranian military sources, the torpedo can travel at 223MPH and blow any warship in half. I didn't think anything could travel so fast underwater. From what I can find on the web nobody else can make something similar to what the Iranians claim. This DARPA report comes the closest. What really makes me think this is all a smoke screen is the Iranian code-name. Hoot, which Fox News said means Whale in Persian. Whales aren't fast. Name it something fast, barracuda, shark, dolphin, etc.

The other recent claim of a stealthy cruise missile with independently targetable warheads also seems beyond Iran's technical ability. The Fjr-3 was supposedly introduced during an on-going Iranian military excersize.

Based on nothing but my own common sense I think the Iranians are full of you know what. It would seem they are trying to ward off our navy by filling the airwaves with stories of superweapons that would destroy our ships. In some way this tactic is similar to what the Germans did with their "V" weapons. Nazi propaganda said the Allies would be destroyed by the V-1 and V-2. Except the Germans actually built and used them in combat. Luckily they simply were not as effected as the Nazis expected.

The one thing I will say in defense of the Iranians that they should promote whoever is in charge of its advertising department. Itis hard to dispute that a stealthy missile does not exist. After all how could the U.S. even see it on radar. Pretty slick.


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