Wednesday, October 11, 2006

N. Korea is Itching for a Fight

The North Korean leadership today said that basically anything we do in response to their firing of a nuclear weapon will be considered an act of war.

A good run down on this can be read here.

It is well documented that North Korea is in dire straights. Its people are starving, there is no economy to speak of and what little the country does have is given to the military. When a country is in such terrible condition one of the first things the government does is look for a scapegoat. The Nazis used the Jews in the early 1930s, just like the Palestinians use the Israelis today. The Koreans use the United States as the reason why everything is so tough.

Generally, the next move for these government is to go to war and it looks like Korea is desparate to instigate some type of incident to help take its citizens mind off the fact that they have to eat dirt and paper to survive.

Kim's constant harping that the U.S. is about to invade tied to his provacative nuclear ambitions and missile testing is all designed to force the U.S. to do something rash. Like attack. With his latest statement that anything we do will be considered an act of war, Kim is simply widening his net in response to the fact that we are refusing to act.

As long as we do little or nothing he cannot meet his goal and then his people could get restless and decide eating paper sucks and decide to do a Mussolini on him. For those non-historical people that means hanging him and his wife from the nearest light pole.

I think President Bush is taking the right course. Keep saying we have no intention of attacking and tell him to come back to the negotiating table.

I wonder what would have happened if Iran had popped a nuke? Would we have attacked or gone this same route. It's an interesting question.


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